Gorilla TrekkingBwindiForest NP

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a large primeval forest located in south-western Uganda in the Kanungu District. The Bwindi forest is on the edge of the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift.

EXPERIENCE the Primate CapitalKibale Forest NP

Kibale’s most popular activity is the Kanyanchu Primate Walk. Thirteen species can be sought, and a good variety of diurnal monkeys invariably encountered, but the stars of this twice-daily show are chimpanzees.

Powerfull Waterfall in the Whole WorldMurchison Falls NP

Murchison Falls National Park lies at the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpment tumbles into vast, palm-dotted savanna. First gazetted as a game reserve in 1926, it is Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area.

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New Nature AwaitsGorilla Tours Rwanda, Uganda and Congo

Are you planning to do gorilla trekking in Africa? Jomert Gorilla Safaris welcomes you to beautiful Africa Uganda. We are a leading tour company based in Uganda with over 4 years experience running Wildlife safaris in East Africa. We help put together silverback gorilla safaris, nature walks, cultural visits, site seeing, birding tours and game drives to Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.


At Jomert Gorilla Safaris, we believe that a safari has the power to change us. When you visit Africa, you experience a different type of people, wildlife and culture.

We provide the experience that leaves you transformed, invigorated and fulfilled, something that we have been doing for the last 5 years.
All our tours are affordable high quality tours. You can choose to fly to the safari destinations or enjoy our customized safari vehicles. We have a good number of experienced and knowledgeable guides and support environmental causes.

BOOK THEM WHILE THEY'RE HOTRwanda Most Popular Safaris

Rwanda Wildlife Safari tours or Simply Rwanda safaris are amazing expeditions that travelers can undergo when they decide to visit Rwanda/ Tour Rwanda. Rwanda is also known as the land of a thousand hills and with in these hills is a great number of wildlife species that may interest you.


Kenya Safaris 2022-2023: Amazing Kenya safari tours to Kenya tour destinations. Customized African community, wildlife safaris in Kenya, vacation packages

BOOK THEM WHILE THEY'RE HOTTanzania Popular Safaris

Tanzania Safaris: Tanzania is a popular safari location in Africa. The wildlife watching is amazing, with large cats being especially visible in Every National park

Most Popular Safaris

We offer authentic safari experiences targeting the mixed activity, honeymooners, first timers in Africa and private tours for you and your loved ones. See our Uganda safari packages, Rwanda tours or combine Kenya and Tanzania safari adventures.

Adventure Tourism Uganda

With its incredible diversity of nature, culture and wildlife, Uganda is the perfect destination for an authentic adventure experience.

Its landscapes range from lush rainforests and volcanic crater lakes to vast savanna plains, from snow-capped mountain ranges to waterfalls and the source of the mighty river Nile. Professionally guided walks and hikes, cycling and motorbike trips are the best way to actively explore the beautiful natural scenery.

With over 45 tribes, Uganda presents a rich cultural diversity and variety in languages and dialects, foods, dressing, customs and beliefs. Unique and responsibly developed activities allow genuine interaction with communities and create unforgettable immersive experiences.
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